I was born in 1975. I fell in love with my profession at the age of seven while standing beside my father watching him work in his workshop. Often happened that I tried to renew the discarded items after worktime, thereby acquiring a classic and authentic hand-focused work style. Time limit never influenced my work. I have always tried to be accurate and precisely finish what I've started. I've studied at Csonka János Secondary Technical and Vocational School, majoring car bodywork. Due to my previous experiences I could spend the second and third of my school year in the artisan body repair shop that had a contract with the school. As I've learnt at home I have tried to estimate the fact that I could gain my work experiences at the craft workshop. I was fortunate to get in to a very good workshop, where they appreciated my professional attitude, and helped my development. Since 1992, after my studies were over, the next decade I spent in my father's workshop. After that, I wanted to become independent, so I visited a number of workshops in order to get to know not only the technical parts, but the other shop management tasks as well. By 2010, I got to the level where with a childhood friend we shared a workshop together. He led the automotive division and I directed the bodywork department. At this time, thanks to the knowledge gained during two decades of friendship it was not a problem to restore the heavily corroded, or broken cars to their original state.That was the time when I started to deal with vintage and veteran vehicles' refurbishment. With this the routine and experience I've gained till then got a real meaning. Already in the early days, I've repaired strongly corroded, damaged vehicles, and I was impressed by the old cars, by their construction, design and technical solutions. I managed to refine my sheet metal working technology and I really enjoy to form complex curved convex shapes from a flat piece of metal. It happened several times that a when a body element was missing from a car and there was no documentation or photos to be found, I made it symmetrically taken the existing template from the opposite side so recovering the irreplaceable. By the year of 2011I finally got to the point that I became independent in my - not huge but fully equipped - workshop. My present company was registered in March 2011. Here I work independently with an individual timing of my own. Most of the time I like to work alone, because so I can concentrate on the job better, I can see through the entire process, that is how I can avoid mistakes. During my work I document the work process in details, with notes and photographs. This is how I justify the professionalism and the high level of quality to my client and so the client gets a reliable and accurate work, guaranteed quality and a guarantee to get the work done.