Welcome to K & Y tuning's website!

My company deals with all kinds of vehicles' full body repair since 2010. My main profile is re-enacting the full body of Oldtimers and Veteran cars and to restorate them to their original condition. What complicates this work is the often 50-80 year old chassis and superstructure replacement, because of the lack of availability of pieces, so the missing parts are irreplaceable or authentically hand-prepared by the appropriate materials. Therefore, any record undertakes technical work, wether individual body parts, enclosure or muffler. You can view my reference works by clicking on Photos menu, which I hope will be a pleasant pastime. Of course, even a complete reconstruction wouldn't be a problem, including any engine, chassis, electrical and interior renovation, in wich I've involved respected professionals as well. Luckily I have plenty of contemporary photographs, scale drawings, and due to my foreign occupation and therefore acquired knowledge and friendship I have disposal of a huge database as well. Currently I work alone in my workshop, more information about the reasons why you you find in About Me menu item, so for any questions please use the Contact menu or use the phone number you find in Accessibility menu.

In summary, you can count with K&Y TUNING with the following:

- Veteran and vintage car body repair
- Crashed and damaged car repair
- Corrosion errors
- Unique manufacturing of body parts
- Complete exhaust system construction, tuning and repair
- Suction tuning

If you are interested I expect you to visit my workshop where I'm ready for consultation or any kind of reparation. I wish you a pleasant stay on the site.

       K&Y TUNING